Financial and technical due diligence

Financial and technical due diligence is extended property analyses generally conducted in connection with a transaction.

Financial due diligence entails the review, quality control, and clarification of all financial conditions, such as the property’s accounts, rental conditions, value-added tax, etc. Financial due diligence results in a report that assures that the property has been administrated in accordance with the expected level.

Technical due diligence provides an independent assessment of the building’s condition, the costs of potential improvements, and any future maintenance needs. A technical condition analysis/due diligence may form the foundation for budgeting and planning of maintenance, rehabilitation, or upgrade activities.

Due diligence gives the purchaser or seller the most accurate representation of the property by uncovering any elements of risk or irregularities that must be clarified or negotiated.


Elaborate reports

All our reports are prepared in accordance with strict integrity, objectivity, and transparency requirements. We are highly dedicated to drafting thorough and elaborate reports comprehensible to real estate professionals and parties with less experience in the commercial real estate market. By undergoing due diligence in connection with a transaction, you contribute to greater transparency in the purchase/sale of commercial real estate.