Financial analysis

Valuation of commercial real estate demands a high degree of both technical and financial expertise, as well as in-depth knowledge of the market, its players and relevant issues.


Valuation of commercial real estate includes developed properties, development properties, public buildings, smaller parcels without independent values, valuation in connection with expropriation, ground leasing, and more … Read more


Identification, valuation, and optimisation of development properties. Our services encompass everything from a pure valuation of a development project to assisting with the development of the property leading up to the start of construction… Read more


Optimisation of the cost and revenue structure of a property. Analysis of the present situation, possible alternatives, and the value impact of measures taken… Read more


Rent assessment of commercial real estate involves the concrete analysis and description of regular market rent for a property or a venue and is used when entering or re-negotiating rental conditions or in disputes… Read more