Property development

Veridian Analyse provides support for most phases of property development, from preparing feasibility studies to the execution/coordination of re-zoning or as a project manager throughout the entire development process.


Property development services

Our property development services are undertaken either with Veridian Analyse as an independent consultant or in cooperation with a recognised architecture firm and legal specialists. Our broad network allows us to engage the right consultants for each field with regard to the geographical area, the right level of expertise/experience, and cost.


Cross-disciplinary expertise

Our cross-disciplinary expertise allows us to continuously focus on the property’s highest value concerning development costs, time consumption, or alternative opportunities. For example, we advise on how to optimise the owner’s returns against a desired level of risk-taking, whether you wish to carry out the entire development yourself, absorb all the risk yourself, or situations where the owner wants to prepare the property for sale.