Project management

We offer project support for initiative owners with the goal of upholding project quality and ensuring that projects are completed as planned and in compliance with public obligations.

  • We take on the task of coordinating execution (KU) for the purpose of monitoring the initiative owner’s duties, cf. the Construction Client Regulations. This includes monitoring HSE at the workplace and monitoring the contractor’s compliance with their duties.
  • We provide support as a construction client representative in projects. The construction client representative serves as the initiative owner’s project manager and maintains the initiative owner’s duties in their projects. As the construction client representative, we monitor and perform quality control on project planning activities, carry out the tendering process, manage coordination between the various parties, monitor execution, and ensure that the initiative is completed at the planned time, within budget, and with a high level of quality. We furthermore ensure compliance with duties pursuant to the Construction Client Regulations, the Internal Control Regulations, the Working Environment Act, and the Technical Construction Regulations.