Technical due diligence

We perform technical due diligence in connection with property transactions and provide a good overview of the property’s technical condition. Our report identifies any regulatory shortcomings, damages, and maintenance backlogs at the property that may, in certain cases, serve as grounds to adjust its real market value.

We provide technical due diligence with different levels of detail. “Red flag” reports list non-compliances that are discovered at the property without further detailed descriptions. “Simplified TDD” is a complete analysis of the property conducted by a consultant with cross-disciplinary experience in condition assessments. “Complete TDD” is performed by three consultants with technical specialisations in construction, electrical, and HVAC, granting them excellent professional insight into the condition of the property. The complete TDD also includes a section containing a desktop environment DD, which provides an overview of the information available on ground and environmental conditions. We also provide a technical fire safety assessment as part of the TDD.